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Passwords must be between 8-100 characters and contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number or symbol, and must contain at least 6 different characters.
You can only enter up to 10 Authorization Codes during registration. If you have additional Authorization Codes, you can add them to your account after you have completed activation.
Your Authorization Code will be located on the latest paper statement you received from the organization for which you are trying to register. If you do not have your latest document from your organization, you will need to contact the organization directly to receive your Authorization Code. You can always add additional Authorization Codes to your account after registration, however you will not receive any electronic statements until your Authorization Code is successfully registered with your account.
Look carefully at your Authorization Code to make sure you have entered the correct characters. Some common substitution errors are:
  • 0 O The number 0 vs. the letter O.
  • 1 L The number 1 vs. the letter L.
  • 1 I The number 1 vs. the letter I.
  • 2 Z The number 2 vs. the letter Z.
  • 5 S The number 5 vs. the letter S.
  • 8 B The number 8 vs. the letter B.
If you continue to have errors feel free to Create a Help Ticket and a member of our support staff will help you resolve your issue.