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To Pay Your Bill

To pay your bill online scroll down to the bottom of the screen and search for your parcel.

Tips and notes about searching for your parcel:

  • You can search by Name, Address, Duplicate Number or Tax ID Number
  • To search for multiple properties with different last names within the same search, enter both last names. For example to search for parcels owned by Abbott and Hamilton, enter Abbott, Hamilton. This will allow you to broaden your search and include all the parcels you would like to pay in one payment.
  • If you know your Duplicate Number or Tax ID Number(s) you can search for multiple parcels by entering them with a space between each number.
    Example: "12345 12346 12347"
  • If your parcel is eligible for tax sale or has been sold at tax sale, you will not be able to locate it on this site. You will need to call the Treasurer’s Office at 574-235-9531 to learn how to redeem the property or pay the taxes.
  • Please note that for ACH/E-check transactions, “Approved” does not mean the transaction has been paid. It means that the transaction was received to be processed successfully. Your bank can still return or reject the payment for various reasons, i.e. NSF, account closed, no account, etc. once the payment has been submitted for processing.
  • First-half Installment is due by May 10, 2024 and Second-half Installment due November 12, 2024.
To Sign Up for Paperless Statements

Why should you sign up for eNotices?

  • It’s quick
  • It’s easy
  • You will never have to wonder if your bill has been lost in the mail
  • It saves trees and reduces landfill

If you would like to sign up for paperless bills in the future through eNoticesOnline.com, click on the Register for Paperless Statements button below. This will direct you to a sign-up page.

In order to sign up for paperless bills, you will need to know your eNoticesOnline.com Authorization Code.

This can be found on your tax bill that was mailed to you from the St. Joseph County Treasurer.

If you have discarded that statement, you will need to contact the St. Joseph County Treasurer’s office at 574-235-9531 to request your Authorization Code.

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